What’s All This?

Update (04.06.17):

So, with this blog reaching a little over 4 months old, I wanted to quickly share our direction. As written below, this was intended to be just a personal development site, but as we met people and came across opportunities, we’re now on a path that we didn’t anticipate.

And we couldn’t be happier about it.

We’re hosting mixers starting June 2017, trade shows and open houses starting October/November 2017, and launching a web and mobile platform to connect entrepreneurs in 2018.

It’s amazing how things work themselves out when you believe, have confidence, and find good people.

Thank you all for helping us along the way.

What is Breaking Boundaries?

Breaking Boundaries is a blog. For now. I strive for it to be a community of world shifters, game changers, passion followers, life customizers. Basically just a bunch of people living life and kicking ass and are willing  to share it with others so that it may inspire some (hopefully all :D) to take action.

Why Now?

If I were to be honest, I thought about starting this blog in 2012, but then decided against it to try to focus on what I thought was my life path (haha, not.) I thought about it here and there and just couldn’t shake off the feeling that I needed to do it. Writing has always been the best way I knew how to express myself. Then, in 2015, I thought maybe I should really do it this time and bought a brand new computer, domain, and host to get something happening. Again, nothing. Until now. November 2016.

I hope to inspire people who might need that extra push just as others have inspired me. It’s just this visceral feeling that I’ve got to do it.. no matter the results.

Why “Breaking Boundaries?”

I’ve always had this zest for life that I feel has somewhat diminished throughout the  years and I’m on a mission to regain that spark. Between being around stagnant (even toxic) people and one too many distractions, I have lost sight of what I truly want to do–the very thing that sets my soul on fire. I’ve always wanted to meet and work with people who are making EPIC things happen, sort of like what Napoleon Hill did when he started his 20 year journey for “Think and Grow Rich.”

People inspire me and I truly believe that we are capable of doing so much more than we give ourselves credit for. That’s why I chose “Breaking Boundaries.” We all have boundaries to break in order to reach our fullest potential and I wanted to show examples through this blog to inspire others to take action. As Gary Vaynerchuk said, there’s plenty of motivation around, but not enough execution.

We can change that.