Update on Get Moving. Get Healthy (Pt. 3): The Holiday Discipline

PC: Koren Delos Santos

Almost there! This is the 3rd week’s update on the fitness goal I made in the beginning of this month.

To recap:

1st week: Getting back into the groove of working out and eating clean.

2nd week: The challenges of staying consistent.

3rd week: Staying disciplined throughout the holiday week.

The Holiday Struggle

Visiting multiple family members  with a table full of great food, desserts, and drinks   really did exercise my discipline muscle this week. There was just. SO. MUCH. FOOD. We even had a lot of cultural foods that we cook just once or twice a year.

I’m actually really happy that I got accustomed to eating mostly vegetarian dishes these past three weeks so the crave wasn’t that much of a struggle. The difficult part was controlling portion intake when everything was literally right in front of your eyes and when you’re encouraged to gorge yourself with food.

Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishments.

What’s New On This Update?

In order to stay disciplined with my goal, I’ve made it a point to eat salad, fruits, and a glass of water before the entrée so I’m not too hungry when I eat. This actually helped me eat just to the point of “full enough” throughout the holiday weekend without feeling hungry two hours later.

I’ve incorporated physical activity into my daily life such as opting to take the stairs instead of the elevator, parking in the spot that’s farthest from the entrance, walking to places instead of taking the car, etc.

What’s Next?


I don’t know why I didn’t include this in my initial goal. I drink less than a glass of pure water every day and I should be drinking more. Way more.

Lose 1 more lb.

If  I lose 1 lb. this coming week, I would reach my goal weight I set in the beginning of this month.

How About You?

You’re more than welcome to share any fitness goals you’re working on! Let’s accomplish together. 😀

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