The Entrepreneur Rollercoaster

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According to Darren Hardy’s book, The Entrepreneur Roller Coaster, emotional reasons are the biggest factors why most entrepreneurs fail or quit. (Don’t like to read? Get the audiobook.)

An Entrepreneur’s Highest Highs and Lowest Lows


We expect them, but not really to the extent that they happen. I don’t think there’s anything that can come close to the euphoria we feel when something good happens to our businesses or the negative feelings that come when something bad happens.  My guess is it comes close to having and raising your own child because our business is our baby.

I know the feeling all too well from the security company I built with two others in Queens and the e-commerce business. Actually, it’s a good indication to let something go when there aren’t highs and lows anymore. It probably means you’re not emotionally invested in what you’re working on and, if you don’t care, it’s very hard to put in the work you need to in order to succeed.

I wanted to share my first experience with high highs and the low lows with the Breaking Boundaries venture. It’s that all too familiar feeling of intense excitement and hopefulness down spiraling to doubt and less than stellar belief in yourself and your product.

Breaking Boundaries’ First Rollercoaster
The Low

This site is only one day short of three weeks old. About 1 and half week in, I started feeling down because I wasn’t getting the response and engagement that I wanted. I know, I know, it’s a baby site and I should be patient because it takes time yadayada. I know.  It’s just really difficult to put into practice when you have high hopes. Then, you invest every waking minute and every penny you have because you want it to work. It also doesn’t help that I’m very results-driven and if I don’t see the results I want, it drives me NUTS.

The Ascent

Going back to the story, I was scrolling through Instagram and I saw a picture of Gary Vaynerchuck with Venus Lugo, founder of The Growth Xchange, at PropellerFest. I didn’t know what that was at the time but it was in Hoboken, NJ. I have been looking for conferences and meet ups I can get to in the New York City metropolitan area and that was ten minutes away from me. Bad part: it was in May and I missed it. Good part: They’re coming out with another one. Hopefully soon!

So, I commented on Venus’ picture with Gary and asked her if she knows when the next PropellerFest is. That comment led to us checking each other’s business page out and setting a date to connect over coffee!

The High

The first high was when Venus reposted one of my posts and I just got really pumped up. Someone finally took notice! I definitely wasn’t feeling down anymore after that.

The second high was when we met at Starbucks in Woodbridge Mall this past Thursday. We spoke about future collaborations and what our vision is for our respective businesses. I must say, I left feeling very positive; I felt like I could achieve every goal I set for Breaking Boundaries and more. I definitely learned a lot of things–one of them being the infinite possibilities with my ideas and vision. When you cross paths with a winner and a dreamer, amazing things can and do happen.

Quick pic after meeting up!

I would highly recommend you guys to check out her site and the work she’s doing. They’re working on a “movement that will disrupt stagnancy, shift perception, and plant roots to create more opportunities of success.”

The Takeaways

Lessons from this experience:

Emotional Control: You can feel discouraged. It’s fine and a part of the game, but you have to act despite your feelings. Success doesn’t care about your feelings. What must be done still has to be done despite your emotions.

Engage: No one knows where opportunity is going to come from. Stay open to possibilities and keep your radar on. Don’t be afraid to speak to people.

Be Genuine: Make the interaction as valuable to them as it is to you. Likes, comments, reposts are secondary to a real connection.

Patience: Stay positive and have fun with the process. Keep working hard and the spotlight will end up shining on you and your business, too.

So, that’s that! How about you? Share some of your entrepreneur rollercoaster moments in the comments!

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