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Musings From A Local Starbucks

“Fogged in.” (Photo credit: Koren Delos Santos)

It’s gloomy and raining as I sit at a Starbucks Café in a local Target. The weather today is a stark comparison to yesterday’s—60 degrees, sunny, and warm for New Jersey weather just a mere two days before December. A day before, I was just taking in the sun and mentally preparing myself for the inevitable complete turnaround of the weather once December and January come.

While staring out into space, my brain did what it usually does when I’m daydreaming: think about the people I know who have the choice to stay home or to travel, to sleep early or to sleep late, to get up or to stay tucked in… essentially just things they now have control over because they’re not tied to a job or any sort of commitment they don’t want. I think about the people who have financial independence/freedom.

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