Report on Breaking Boundaries’ Progress

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Hey all! I thought I’d give you guys a veeeeery quick report on what’s been happening with us behind-the-scenes. It’s been about two months since my last report anyway so I figured it’s overdue.

Progress Report


I’d like mention something about the connections we have made. It’s been such an eye-opening experience to see so many people in my hometown who are pursuing their entrepreneurial dreams. It’s even better because the ones we’ve met really resonate with our purpose.


This one we’ll keep as a surprise. 😉 Main reason is we haven’t actually put the idea into a cohesive plan but we think BB is on track to be bigger than we originally thought it would be. The potential, if we just make the right decisions, feels limitless.


I’m not sure if you guys remember, but there was a point where we weren’t getting as many opportunities as we are now.  I still think it can get better, but I think we’re doing okay for being 4-months old. We have quite a few future collaborations lined up that we’re so, so excited for.


I’m scared, excited, optimistic, nervous, etc. etc. etc. all at the same time lol. I just take it one day at a time because if I look at everything I have to do, I get super overwhelmed and that’s just not a good place to be.

That’s it for now! I’d like to thank you all very much for the continuous support and belief in what we’re trying to accomplish. Big changes are coming soon to the site (and to BB in general) so stay tuned!

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