Next Pit Stop

next pit stop
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A few weeks ago, I put out a quick update on Breaking Boundaries’ progress. We’ve gotten a lot clearer and more organized on the route we want to take, so we wanted to share the next few events with you. Last time, we also mentioned that big changes were coming soon and we wanted to briefly go over that.

Our Next Pit Stop

April 14th, 2017: Dessert First! by Midnight Market JC

We have been to two MM events in the past and they were really fun! We brought a few of our friends to the second one we went to and they loved it. For this upcoming one, we’ve invited our families and some more friends. So our next pit stop is a dessert-themed Midnight Market!

We’re also publishing an interview on the creators of MM in a week’s time so do stay tuned for an amazing story!

April 20th, 2017: The Growth Xchange

This event is by a friend of ours over at who’s creating a movement to put humanity back into networking through building a solid foundation of mentors, doers, givers, and believers.

April 21st, 2017: An Evening with Deepak Chopra – You Are The Universe

Our next pit stop after that is a workshop where we’ll be spending a few hours with a New York Times bestselling author. He will be addressing the urge to change and have a transformation. The question, “When is this transformation supposed to occur?” is something we feel like a lot of our readers are wondering about. So, we’ve decided to go to the best source we know and share what we learn.

April 27th, 2017: Collaboration with Kearny Point (Tentative)

We’re very excited about this one. The date is still tentative but the event is definitely going to happen at one point or another. We will be partnering up with the coworking space, Kearny Point, for (possibly) a Breaking Boundaries-themed event. It will be about stories of entrepreneurs, their journey, and what they’ve learned.

That, and/or we’ll be shadowing Andrew, CEO and founder of Digital DUMBO in Brooklyn, NY, and he’ll head the event while we promote and market it.

May 18th, 2017: Propelify

This is the largest innovation festival in the Northeast held in Hoboken. We’ll be heading there with a few of our friends and networking  with like-minded individuals. We’ll be sharing the experience with you guys and we think it’ll be so exciting! It’ll be complete with live stream, videos, stories, and of course, tons of pics!

July 20th-23rd, 2017: Tony Robbins- Unleash The Power Within

This is another one we’re super excited about! If you guys haven’t heard of Tony Robbins, make sure to check him out! He’s THE business and life coach to celebrities and other high profile individuals. Here’s the event we’re going to if you’d also like to check it out:

(Disclaimer: I am an affiliate with the Tony Robbins brand which means I will get a commission if you do decide to purchase anything through the link below. This comes at no additional cost to you. Please be aware that I only market brands I truly believe in because it has helped me grow in some aspects of my life at one point or another.)

BOGO Alert! Get 2 tickets for the price of one to Tony Robbins’ Unleash The Power Within in New York on July 20-23rd. Offer expires April 3rd.

It’s going to be in Newark, NJ in the Prudential Center so fairly easy to go to especially if you’re in the Northeast. We’ll be sharing the happenings here as well. Hint: FIREWALK.

September 2nd-3rd, 2017: EMCEE Gig for the Filipino Basketball Association Championships

Luckily,  Koren’s dad is the Head Coach for one of the participating teams and they’re putting the event together. We’ll be able to help out as well as promote BB. We’ll be there with a few of our friends in the startup world so they can market their product also.

Date To Be Determined: Breaking Boundaries “trade” show

We’re working on getting the resources we need to get entrepreneurs and startups together to market their products out to the public. This is going to be between August and October 2017.

Platform (The Ultimate Pit Stop)

Sooooo, we’re building a platform! That’s our next pit stop after we get a hang of hosting events and putting together trade shows. This is actually one heck of a twist of events. I mentioned in the last update that if we play our cards right, BB’s potential can actually be pretty huge. We’re building a web platform for you guys. Details are still being finalized and we most likely won’t launch it until late this year or early 2018 but it’s in the works!

That’s it for now! We hope you’re all as excited as we are to be partaking in events as well as hosting them. We’ll be sharing some legit knowledge from the aforementioned events in the next few months so do subscribe below to keep updated, thanks!

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