Meet The Team

The Brains Behind The Projects

Amiel Nicdao (The Left-Brain Dominant)

Amiel is an avid reader, adrenaline rush seeker, and hiking newbie. She is passionate about helping people bridge the gap between where they are to where they want to be. In the near future, she wants to build a school in the Philippines that teaches financial literacy and create an environment where the entrepreneurial spirit is fostered and cultivated. She also wants to start a non-profit that provides shelter to homeless people in developing countries.

Forever seeking adventure and always open to opportunities, boredom rarely, if ever, creeps into her daily living. Oh, and she has a love affair with ramen.


Koren Delos Santos (The Right-Brain Dominant)

Koren is a free-spirited individual who stumbled upon her love for creating videos/photography through YouTube. She is an avid social media scroller and regularly watches her favorite YouTubers when she isn’t working on projects for Breaking Boundaries. Catch her basking in the warmth of the sun as she believes this is an essential part of her creative process. To further her passion for creating and telling stories through video content and photography, she is undergoing training with a professional cinematographer.

Current obsessions: Cheese fries. French Bulldogs. Corgis and their fluffy butts.

She’s also the most dog-obsessed dog-less person–thanks to allergies.

Together, the force is with us.


If interested in internship opportunities, leave us a message!