What I’ve Learned From Being A Freelance Writing Newbie

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During the first month that I launched this site (December 2016), I landed my first freelance writing gig unexpectedly. I told a few personal and business contacts about Breaking Boundaries and one took interest in my writing style. He wanted me to write a blog post he can put on his site. Though inexperienced, I agreed because I was confident I could pull it off.

And, after way more edits than intended, we got it done!

I was skimming through multiple blogs and landed on a freelance writing blog. That brought me back to my first freelance writing gig and the experience I had. I wrote about actually getting the gig, but not about the things I realized after.

So, I figured I’d write a quick post about it:

First Freelance Experience Takeaways

Rates. I wasn’t sure what to charge and, looking back, I should have known better what the industry rates are. 

Editing. I gave my client a HUGE discount because I knew him personally. I charged him a flat rate for the article.  I didn’t take into consideration proofreading, word count changes, etc. Going forward, I now understand that I need to be conscious of these changes and adjust rates accordingly.

Working with the right client. I was privileged enough to be able to work with someone who was easy to work with. I’ve heard nightmare stories about clients and I’m grateful my first experience turned out great.

Be in tune with what they want. I’ve found that sometimes clients can’t articulate what they want. You  have to be able to visualize what it is they want and be able to deliver.

But also be able to guide them. Their ideas sometimes just won’t work. Here is where at least having good business sense helps. You can guide them towards making better decisions.

So, that’s that! Please do share your newbie experiences when you got started with your business. I’d love to know and learn as well! If you found this post valuable, do like, share, or subscribe.  Thank you!

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