Reinforcements, Attentiveness, and Getting Things Done. (Guest Post)


We’ve all seen the memes. The ones where ruddy-faced millionaires tell us how easy it is, to “click the link”, believe in  yourself, and all in good time, you’ll be sipping Chardonnay by a cliffside lagoon surrounded by A-listers. Let’s be real—that’s complete bull. I don’t know about you guys, but I was raised on a ramshackle basement in the slums of Jersey City, New Jersey. People like me had to start so far down the ranks and I sure as hell am not taking advice from a guy who kickstarted his business with a “small loan of a million dollars.” They just don’t know what real people, people like you and me, who still put on our JC Penney pants one foot at a time, deal with just to get out of bed in the morning. For some of us, we question the purpose of rolling out of bed. What’s the point? I’m never going to be successful? There’s always someone better than me. But I’m going to let you in on a little secret, my friends, attentiveness in yourself is the most worthwhile investment you can make.


So, what am I talking about here? Every person who has made their mark on the world has gone through it, some worse than others— it is called self-doubt. I, like many of the people here at Breaking Boundaries, have been there. We understand. How do you even pick up the pencil and write that business plan when the thought of being anywhere other than curled in the safety of your comforters strikes anxiety? First I have got to ask you though, why are you anxious? Is it because it is too much? Because you believe you are incapable of meeting set expectations from you? From your boss? From family? I can’t tell you that. You’ve got to know you, to help you. Pinpoint the root of the problem and remember the few things I am about to tell you:

Actions we take have reinforcements at the end. You eat that slice of cake even though you’re on a diet because you’re just so terribly hungry, desire overruns your body and before you know it, you’re sitting on your kitchen stool sobbing over red velvet. Okay, maybe I’m being over-dramatic, but it’s happened to all of us. Even though logically, you shouldn’t have eaten the slice, emotionally, you craved it because it would fulfill your hankerings. See as humans we tend to choose what will benefit us in the moment. So applying this to you, wallowing in your bed, what are your reinforcements? If it is that aspect of procrastinating to avoid anxiety, then brainstorm—what is a way to do my work without being anxious? How do I disassociate anxiety with work and work with tedious behavior. Work can be fun, guys! Especially if you’re doing something you are passionate about.

Getting Things Done

A common misconception is that we’ve got to get that business plan done right now. The whole nine yards, the every word, but that is not true. Dynamic work that withstands the test of time, takes time, my friends. If writing a sentence a day gets you comfortable enough to take that first step, then hey, at least you’re starting somewhere! Eventually that sentence a day is going to turn into paragraphs, and paragraphs into plans and plans into business and business turns to success. You will be one sentence closer to reaching your wildest dreams. It’s not easy and you may not believe in yourself, but it all starts with initiative. I’m not going to sit here and tell you I’d definitely would not rather be sleeping right now, but we are powerful, intelligent beings and it would just be insulting to the God who created us to sit around and do nothing. Every organism in this planet has their share, an opportunity to benefit the planet and society. You were not made to sit and cry and do absolutely nothing about your life. You were made to slay it. You were made to get—things—done. It doesn’t matter what’s in your wallet or who told you that you couldn’t do it. Well, f**k them, ladies and gentlemen. We are born on this planet for such a small fraction of its existence to worry about a whole other life, so live your own and own it. This is your time. This is your future. This is your cake.

So don’t you dare eat it.

(Note: The author of this post has opted to remain anonymous except for their initials, A.B.)

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2 thoughts on “Reinforcements, Attentiveness, and Getting Things Done. (Guest Post)

  1. well, that was hands down the most inspirational I have seen in a while. Not just from here but anywhere. Does that mean I need to be reading more or just that I was supposed to read this post?!? Who knows. But I like that writing style and the fact that no holds barred that is the way that it is supposed to be done. Thank you.

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