Get Moving. Get Healthy.


It’s too cold. I’ll just eat healthier tomorrow. I’m young…ish. I can always just start working out to get rid of the tummy rolls when I’m motivated. I’ll start this weekend. Blahblahblah. Some excuses I have used to justify slacking on staying fit and healthy. I would tell myself to get moving and just do a liiiiittttllleee bit of physical activity.  But nope, the bed or the couch was more comfortable and I didn’t really wanna exert any sort of energy into working out.

Flashback to 2 years ago:

I used to workout twice a day, 6 days a week. I loved the high I got after running or swimming or weight training or kickboxing and I would venture out and say I might have been a little obsessed with getting fit and achieving my fitness goal.  I would swim for 2.5 hours straight and my friends would literally have to grab me out of the water. I would come home from a business meeting at midnight and go out running til 1 or 2 in the morning while there’s barely anywhere to run because of the piles of snow and my right knee would swell up and I would start limping but I didn’t care. I had a goal to get done (although maybe I should’ve gotten the knee checked out).

Then, I got comfortable. And lazy. I lost sight of staying healthy and fit and started eating way too much and exercising way too little. Using the aforementioned excuses repeatedly led to a noticeable weight gain and a muffin top figure. I am not an insecure person; I just know when things have got to change for the better and, right now, I need to work on my health.

It has been said that our health is our greatest wealth and like I’ve told a friend of mine, I don’t wanna croak from a heart attack before I achieve my life goals, lol.

A not-so-good shift

I don’t know exactly when I had a fitness mindset shift and why. I do know that I am definitely not at my best. I’ve always thought that if a lazy person doesn’t irritate you, then you have become one yourself. So I have decided to hold myself accountable to working out for 31 days, 5 days a week, 30+ minutes per session. That should be ample time to get back the habit of working out consistently.

Health and Fitness Accountability

The focus of this blog and community is to empower each other to break some boundaries. I have a fitness boundary right now and I intend and will smash through it. I am going to bring back my habit of working out and looking and feeling my best.

Start: 12/03/16

Wight Loss Goal: Lose 4 lbs. within a month

End: 01/03/17

Diet: Vegetable-Only Diet 2x/week and clean eating the rest of the week.

Fitness Tracker: Fitbit Flex

It’s a little outdated but It does the job. It’s an all-day activity tracker (steps, distance, calories burned, active minutes). It has a progress display- LED lights light up and beep as you progress towards and reach your goal. It also wirelessly syncs and even monitors your sleep! There’s a newer version, but if you want to keep it simple and just track the basics, I would recommend the regular Fitbit.

Fitness Tracker: Fitbit
Click the Fitbit if interested in a Flex.

I will update you all on my progress weekly and if you have a fitness goal as well, leave a comment and let’s get on it together!!

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