Everything Was Once Just An Idea

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It’s been a little over 2 weeks that this site has been live and about a month in the works. Yes, I know, people have sites up within hours. I’ve actually had the domain and host for this site a year before I made it public. You can read more about that here.

Idea Vs. Execution

Hesitation. Doubt. Worry. Anxiety.

The feeling of not knowing whether it would be good enough.

You know, the whole 9.

See, it goes something like this:

You wanna work on this great idea. Something that you can’t stop thinking about. That one thing that just keeps popping back in your mind no matter how far away you seem to have deviated from it. That type of idea.

Then you decide to do something about it and that’s when it hits. So you find yourself procrastinating because sometimes it’s easier to wonder whether it would have been good enough than risk finding out it really wasn’t good enough.

But, then, no, not really. It’s not really easier. There’s two types of pain: 1. The pain of not knowing what could have been. 2. The pain of knowing that what you had to offer, at that moment, wasn’t good enough. The first type of pain is that gut wrenching feeling of regret– I should’ve, I would’ve, I could’ve. The second type of pain is that slap in the face that reminds you that you need to do better because what you have just isn’t cutting it. And that really stings.

You just have to choose which one you’d rather take. 1 or 2? Choose.

If you chose 1, this post is not for you. You might be better off checking this out.

If you chose 2, let’s talk.


Okay, so maybe you’ve fallen down quite a few times. Or maybe you chose two because you know that being in a limbo is far worse than trying and failing. Because even if you failed, at least you had the guts to TRY.

If you have been holding back on executing an idea, it’s normal. It’s that same exact fear that stops you from running across a busy highway, from walking down a dark alleyway in the ghetto or from going into an alligator pit because once you stop and actually think about it, you might realize these aren’t such good ideas after all. So hesitation is good sometimes.

Here’s the thing: Unless its a life or death situation,  I don’t think there’s reason enough not to execute an idea you have. Sure, you might fail. As a matter of fact, it’s highly likely because the odds are stacked against our favor.

But, so what?

I’m saying this because I’ve waited long enough to execute mine and, heck, I don’t even know if it’s going to take off. I’d rather try though and give it my best shot. If, for any reason, it’s not good enough, I’ll get back up and try again.

Who’s to say I can’t make it when thousands upon thousands of other people have already made it? And who’s to say you can’t?

That idea you have… go do it. Any idea, no matter how exceptional, is worthless without execution.

If you mess up, you’ll learn what you need to fix so you can be better on your come back.

There’s going to be a next spin.

If you were searching for a sign, this is it. – Anonymous

2 thoughts on “Everything Was Once Just An Idea

  1. The worst thing is when you want to do something good but you keep complicating thinngs up by saying its not going to work and stuff.

    If its good if its your dream you just need to work hard for it and never let anyone tell you you can’t do it! 🙂

    Thanks for sharing this awesome post with us! 🙂

    1. Hey Anis! Yes, that is the worst lol. It’s a constant battle of thinking I provide enough value and then backtracking with “maybe I should hold off on this.”

      I am definitely very driven and have enough confidence to see things through. My biggest thing is just putting great things out there.

      Thank you for your comment and kind words!! 😀

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