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Breaking Boundaries Update

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Hey all! We wanted to just give a quick update on what’s been going on. We have been extremely busy with everything coming at us (in a good way!) that we haven’t really posted since last week. Speaking of which, it’ll be one of the few changes that we are going to do. We’re only going to post on the blog once a week now instead of 2-3 times a week.

There have been a lot of opportunities that have opened up and we’re pivoting and doing some changes in order to take advantage of as many as we can. Speaking of changes, lol, the site has been a little different and we are still in the process of doing major changes to it. Instead of just being a blog and interviewing entrepreneurs, we have gained a few clients for content creation. We’re focused a lot more on the business aspect of things so we can eventually scale BB.

With that said, you’ll see us at different client events as we are very involved with their projects. We’ll be sure to share things we learn on our journey as always. We appreciate those who have been patient with the changes and we promise  it’ll be worth it!

It’s kind of crazy where we are now. We’re definitely far from the kind of success we want, but we’ve never been this close to it. I just want to end this with a reminder to take risks. Will Smith once said that God placed everything you want on the other side of the things you fear the most.

Let’s climb to the top.

Importance of Having a Mentor and The One Thing You Can’t Overlook When Looking For One

importance of having a mentor
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I’ve been on a hunt for a mentor for quite some time now. That little tidbit is actually quite surprising given I find it extremely hard to defer to someone else. In this post, we’ll talk about finding the right mentor for your business goals. Even though I haven’t found one yet, I still understand the importance of having a mentor. Through failed mentor/mentee relationships, I think I’ve figured out what works for me and I’d like to share them with you. It might save you some time in finding the right mentor for you and your business.

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Guest Post: Thoughts on Writing, Life Decisions, and “Just Do It.”

Failure to Launch

If you guys need to know one thing about me, it’s that I have a difficult time starting anything new. Well, starting anything new in writing, anyway. Throughout my high school and college career, I’ve managed to turn 1-2 hour essays into a whole day event that would end with a sub-par introduction. Barely an introduction, if I’m being honest. Not only that, but that said introduction will probably be revised 3 or 4 more times before I am fully satisfied with it or I realize that I’ve run out of time to edit and I leave it as is. I’m not sure if the hesitation comes from feeling like a failure at creating an impactful introduction. After all, the introduction is supposed to hook your readers, right?

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Courage: The Word I’ve Been Hearing Constantly For The Past Two Weeks

Found in a local shop in Myrtle Beach that featured local artists.


I’ve been hearing some talks on courage for the past two weeks. People from the likes of Darren Hardy to marketing gurus have stressed about the importance of this one quality. Apparently, even Aristotle think it’s the most important trait to have.

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What I’ve Learned From Being A Freelance Writing Newbie

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During the first month that I launched this site (December 2016), I landed my first freelance writing gig unexpectedly. I told a few personal and business contacts about Breaking Boundaries and one took interest in my writing style. He wanted me to write a blog post he can put on his site. Though inexperienced, I agreed because I was confident I could pull it off.

And, after way more edits than intended, we got it done!

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Sunday Afternoon Musings on Breaking Boundaries’ Progress

Breaking Boundaries
“World Domination” (PC: korendezvous)

As I’m sitting in the living room at home, I got to reminiscing about where Breaking Boundaries  is now. Granted, it’s not where I plan it to be yet because I have big goals for this project. I do think we’re definitely making strides, though. Some of you might know that Breaking Boundaries is about a month and a half old. We’ve worked on a couple of collaborations and freelancing gigs so far.

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The 5 Misconceptions About Business Ownership

Myrtle Beach, SC. (PC: @korendezvous)

Entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart. A lot of people get caught up in the appeal of entrepreneurship that they forget it takes much more than “wanting” to be one to succeed as one. Just as there are certain truths that people should know before venturing out and starting their own business, there are also certain false beliefs that surround business ownership.

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Musings From A Local Starbucks

“Fogged in.” (Photo credit: Koren Delos Santos)

It’s gloomy and raining as I sit at a Starbucks Café in a local Target. The weather today is a stark comparison to yesterday’s—60 degrees, sunny, and warm for New Jersey weather just a mere two days before December. A day before, I was just taking in the sun and mentally preparing myself for the inevitable complete turnaround of the weather once December and January come.

While staring out into space, my brain did what it usually does when I’m daydreaming: think about the people I know who have the choice to stay home or to travel, to sleep early or to sleep late, to get up or to stay tucked in… essentially just things they now have control over because they’re not tied to a job or any sort of commitment they don’t want. I think about the people who have financial independence/freedom.

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